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CBM Commander Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I know there will be some political questions about my choice of CodePlex over SourceForge. I will go ahead and attempt a preemptive strike on them:

Q) Why CodePlex?
A) I hate CVS and SVN. CodePlex has their own free source control client and you can also use Microsoft's Team Foundation Client, for free. I'm using the Team Foundation Client which integrates with Visual Studio 2005 and also allows project issue tracking in the IDE without having to log into CodePlex with a browser.

Q) What language will we be using?
A) There are two seperate tracts in the project, a Windows track which will use Microsoft C# 2.0 with the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 and a CBM track which will use ANSI C and Assembler with CC65. You may choose any IDE that supports C# 2.0 such as Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 (the express edition is free) and SharpDevelop.

Q) What license will we be using?
A) The New BSD License. Please see the CodePlex project and click on the License tab for more details.

Q) I'm not a programmer, can I help too?
A) Yes! We need lots of skills for the project. For one thing, I'm not a very good project manager and someone with that skill set would be very valuable. Also, we will need documentation and translation helpers who can do things like keep the Wiki up to date and perform localization of the resource files to the various langauges.

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